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Ten kilometers (6 miles) away from Sydney’s bustling city centre lies a sandy paradise lined by turquoise waters. There are endless things to see and do at Bondi Beach, butsome attractions are a must.

Mary-Margaret Schmidt

Destination Bondi

A guide to Australia’s iconic sandy shore

Mary-Margaret Schmidt + Lane Stafford

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A staple on Bondi Beach for 45 years. Longtime staff member Paul Georgiou explained that the family-owned seafood restaurant has one of the best reputations for lunch and dinner on the beach.

“Most people when they walk up and down the beach and ask shops for fish selection, everyone recommends us,” Georgiou said. “Our most popular item for lunch, for couples, is the lunch special, which is two fish and a medium chip [fries]. Singles usually come in for just fish and chips. We use a hake fish that’s nice and thin that goes into the batter well and cooks quite nicely.”

The fish is bought locally and in season from New Zealand and Australia, in particular, the southwest coast. This is done to ensure freshness and quality.

“It’s hard work every day to prepare [these meals],” Georgiou said. “But if you want quality, you need to do this.”

Bondi Surf Seafood

Located on the south side of Bondi sits the Bondi Icebergs Club, Australia’s famous swimming club. Opened in 1929, the lap pool is an icon to the Bondi experience. Visitors can swim and enjoy the ocean’s waves as they splash in the lap pool. A day swim with access to the sauna is $6.25 (U.S. $5).

Bondi Icebergs Club

One of the hippest weekend markets in Sydney and a place to find exceptional souvenirs, handmade goods and trendy fashion pieces. The market is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Bondi Markets

Is a great stop on the way to the beach. Located inside the pavilion, the free gallery showcases local artists with new exhibitions every couple of weeks.

The Bondi Art Gallery

Bondi is a surfer’s paradise. The waters are dotted with dozens of people from all over the world trying to catch a great wave. Surf stores offer affordable hourly surf rentals. Bondi Surf Co. rents a wet suit and a surfboard for $20 (U.S. $15) for the first hour.

Bondi Surf Co.