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The story of Christchurch is a story of before and after.


New Regent Street

Taylor Armer

Tucked away in its own pastel-tinted bubble, New Regent street serves as the cultural hub for some of Christchurch's most creative business owners

Healing in the Park

How Christchurch's open spaces became places of refuge and community

Thomas Joa

Beauty Behind the Madness

Street artists rise from the rubble

Thomas Joa



Restoring the cities downtown retail area by repurposing vibrant shipping containers

Cara Walker

Christopher Chase Edmunds

February 22, 2011 divides the timeline, much like April 27 of the same year signposts the history of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Instead of a tornado outbreak, however, the devastating marker for Christchurch was a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that killed 185 people, injured thousands and left most of the city in ruin.

Before, Christchurch was just a city. After, it became the community that took an inescapable tragedy and created an unbelievable recovery.

Saving New Zealand's birds 

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