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Mad for Manuka

Alternative medicine, antibacterial salve or tasty snack, whichever name you give it, Manuka is a unique honey made only in Australia and New Zealand from the pollen of its trees’ white blossoms.


Manuka honey, which has a light, delicate flavor and rich dark color, is often used to treat skin afflictions and inflammation. Visitors to New Zealand will notice bright, colorful bee boxes dotted alongside the road wherever Manuka flowers are found. Honey merchants will pay rent to house their bees on private and commercial land.


While the honey is expensive and rare—expect to pay up to $30 (U.S. $20)—enterprising consumers can have it shipped around the world from New Zealand. For those lucky enough to buy straight from the source, customs and border protection has strict regulations for exporting goods, so be sure to read the transportation authority's guidelines.

The industrious bees of New Zealand work to meet the demand of an exclusive Manuka

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