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Pancakes on the Rocks

Pancakes on the Rocks offers customers a delicious lineup of pancakes any hour of the day

Lane Stafford

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The Rocks connects two worlds: that of Australia’s Aboriginal people and that of modern Sydney residents. Now home to a number of shops, restaurants and attractions, The

Rocks was once the setting for Europe’s introduction to Australia.

The Rocks offers different views of Sydney from one central location. Whether it’s eating lunch at a local restaurant, shopping at eclectic

storefronts, strolling through art galleries or admiring the Sydney Opera House’s world-renowned architecture, The Rocks allows people from both around the world and down the street to connect simultaneously to Sydney’s history and future.

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Inside the Metcalfe Arcade, accessible by both Hickson Road and George Street in downtown Sydney, Australia, stands Pancakes on the Rocks. The dimly-lit restaurant, with its bricked interior and casual vibe, is located in between floors of the arcade, serving up delectable pancakes 24 hours a day.


Each stack, from Strawberry Patch to Blueberry Heaven to Macadamia Madness, comes with two pancakes spilling over with an appetizing array of toppings; finished off with a dollop of ice cream. The wide variety of options has made this restaurant a popular eatery in The Rocks, Sydney’s bustling tourist precinct and historic area at the city’s centre.


The restaurant opened in 1975, quickly becoming a staple at the Rocks and working to bring a love of pancakes to Australia, according to its website. In 1994, the menu expanded to include breakfast options as well as heartier options like pizza, steaks and ribs, drawing crowds at all hours of the day.


Annie Dimoska, a Sydney resident, spends a drizzly Saturday morning feasting on the Chocolate Jewels, a stack of chocolate pancakes topped with thickened cream, chocolate ice cream and smothered in chocolate sauce. She remembers first discovering the cozy eatery four years ago and sees it as an incomparable Sydney destination.


“It’s got a little bit of everything,” Dimoska said. “It’s got pancakes, it’s got traditional breakfast and it’s got lunch food as well, so you can come anytime. But definitely get the pancakes.”


In 2006, the franchise began to expand across Sydney, opening six additional restaurants in Northmead, Darling Harbour, Campbelltown, North Strathfield, Beverly Hills and on the Gold Coast in Queensland. The Rocks location, however, is the only 24-hour location.


Visitors can expect a heaping serving of food whenever they stop by for a meal, but first-time diners should remember to bring cash, as Pancakes on the Rocks doesn’t split checks.


For more information on the full menu and locations, visit

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