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March 21, 2017

March 17, 2017

March 13, 2017

March 11, 2017

March 7, 2017

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The Fam's Grand Adventure Jam

March 13, 2017


7:14. I just beat the alarm. 45 minutes to be ready to go. I’m groggy. I still have packing to do but my brain is functioning at 50 percent. I stuff my clothes in a bag, not worrying if they’re folded or not. Time flies by and now we must say goodbye. Load up the van. I’ve got a can of L&P in my hand.  Pull out in the rain. Drive down the street. Ready to get to Queenstown. Goodbye Christchurch. Hello eyelids.


Suddenly I am awake again. I feel a rumble from within. “Maca’s*, I need Maca’s.” My fellow passengers agree, but to our dismay there will be no Maca’s till the end of the day. Rumbly tummy as we rumble down the road. 


First pit stop, lake Tepako. Get out and stretch my legs. Dance, dance, dance on the roadside club, the shore at the lakes edge. Skip rocks, one, two, three. Out into the inland sea. After the shore club it’s off to ruba dub grub. Stone grilled meat? Very tasty. With a full stomach, I get back into the van and we head off across the land.


Stop number two, just shy of Mt. Cook. The fog is in the way. We are just trying to look.  Fashion shoot amongst a backdrop of misty mountains. I run through the fields. My feet are wet. Back in the van. Time to rest. 




Stop number three, lake Pukaki. Run to the shore and dance some more. Skip rocks that take big hops. Quick stop. Back in the van and time to jam. Ed Sheeran and EDM. Grooving to the tunes getting loose. Having fun. Super spaghetti arms, jam band fun. Head rubs. Hand rubs. Tired eyes. Once again nap time.


Wake up and the whole car is rocking. It’s a remix. Getting down in the van as we pull into Queenstown. We arrive and check out the accommodations. Is this MTV Cribs? This place is off the hook. Dance in the kitchen, dance on the porch, dance in the street. Breakfast for dinner. The whole fam is here. We eat, we dance, we laugh, we love. I am exhausted. Prepare once more to shut my tired eyes. Today was a good day.    


*Slang for McDonalds  

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