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Muriwai Surf School provides surfing lessons to people of all skill levels

After a few last practice rounds—lying on the belly, forearms at the sides, hands pressed on the board under the chest, pulling the right leg high between the arms, left leg coming close behind to fulfill the upright position, eyes fixed ahead at all times—Mchuet, grinning, leads his students to the water with a board under each arm.


Just steps away from the beach, Muriwai Surf School provides surfing lessons to people of all skill levels, whether surf ignorant, borderline professional or somewhere in between. Opened in 2002 by owners Martin and Bridget Wallis, operation has shifted as son Dylan and his partner Charlotte now run the surf school in a colorful shack at the end of Motutara Road. The couple and other instructors give lessons daily, and rent boards and wetsuits as well.


As one of New Zealand’s most popular surfing destinations, Muriwai Beach boasts great waves and experienced surfers, like the instructors at the surf school, to guide the less experienced. Surfers travel from around the world to experience surf at Muriwai, including Mchuet, who hails from France.

Waves swell and crash, nerves following suit, as eyes watch in wonder from the rocks overlooking Muriwai Beach. The Tasman Sea and her waves look strong and dangerous for the inexperienced, but useful for the surfer. Three students of various experience levels follow Muriwai Surf School instructor Jeremy Mchuet to the place where the beach’s black sand meets the sea’s foam.


But before any waves lick the bottom of a board, Mchuet rehearses with students the timing involved with fluid surfing.

“It’s like a dance,” Mchuet encouraged. “Take your time.”

It's like a dance.

Take your time.

-Jeremy Mchuet

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